Wunderbar.live is a Netherlands based brand experience studio in the field of experiential marketing.

Even though we understand computers inside out we absolutely love to needle human interaction during live events. ‘Tell me: I’ll forget, show me: I may remember; involve me: I will understand.’ This Chinese proverb perfectly fits our view on effective communications. 

Let’s face it: the world is outside. True, valuable, connections are created if you share an experience in real-life… and post it online. 😉

We are hands-on and work by the principles of ‘design thinking’.

This means we do research to understand your audience, we develop ideas with empathy, design a concept and build it for real.

Along the way we stab-in-the-dark. We hit-and-miss and work our asses off until we succeed. In order to create interactive, positive and memorable Live Brand Experiences.

We strongly believe that great creativity can only come through great collaboration. That’s why we choose to work with the most fitting multidisciplinary team for the job each and every time. 


Wunderbar.live was founded by Daan Denissen. He was educated as a spatial and interactive designer. At Wunderbar he develops creative concepts, brings them to life and makes sure that they are spotted by the targeted group.


In his spare time he loves to be inspired by creativity and esthetic expressions. Like movies (IMDb), music and art. Therefore he enjoys to visit musea and festivals. Moreover he likes to change his perspective by traveling.

Let’s chat.

Contact us to develop a spatial concept, mixed up with digital components, for the next event in which you will participate.

So you will hit bullseye by gaining the most impact out of your brands live momentum.