Experiential marketing at festivals, exhibitions and other events.

On the 31st of January the eleventh edition of the Eventsummit, known as the biggest platform in the event industry, took place. No less than 6500 visitors came to Rotterdam Ahoy, the host of this leading event, to experience the newest innovations in the event industry. On the 13.500m2 exhibition floor I am speaking with Daan Denissen.

At the end of 2018, Daan (former co-founder and owner of wundaba.studio) came up with a fresh start; wunderbar.live. Today I am talking with him about this new step in his entrepreneurship.


Tell me, why did you decide to take this step?

Wundaba.studio was, especially during the first year, a testing ground that provided space to experiment and bring my entrepreneurial skills into direct practice. In that way, the proposition of the company could grow organically. Now the time has come for the next phase: Wunderbar.live feels like a reasonable name and a leap forward. Besides, now there will be no more confusion about the notation of the name.


Wunderbar.live feels like a leap forward.


Could you tell me some more about the proposition of wunderbar.live?

Well, the proposition didn’t change, we just tightened it down some what. Like the name already reveals itself, wunderbar.live places more emphasis on the astonishment within a live context. It blows one’s mind. This simply means that we invent and create creations for brands that look to find the interaction with their audience, by offering them an amazing experience at festivals, fairs and other events. Based on the client, the message and the context, we develop a creative concept, take care of the production, and assure our client a nice range, on- and offline. In order that an optimal effect is made out of the live momentum.


So you mean customization?

Exactly! For big and smaller clients.


Does wunderbar.live arrange it all?

Yes, indeed we do. We do it all ourselves but not on our own! Over the last years, my network in the live communication industry has grown tremendously. When you need to be able to switch and want to deliver great quality, you need to work together with people you can trust. The experiences of the last 3 years have also contributed to this. Now we mentioned collaboration; at the end of last year our new website aired. It was made in collaboration with Lyfter (sustainable development). I am really proud of that. The website is definitely worth a visit. Furthermore, this collaboration has led to another project; wunderbar.live will be developing Lyfters interactive exhibition stand.


Do you have another scoop for me?

Haha well… we started 2019 with a fresh new start; wunderbar.live moved from the Innovitapark to a nice office in the heart of Breda. This spot exactly fits the needs and creative ambitions of wunderbar.live. The office is part of Brandpunt. The creative hotspot in Breda. Come by sometime!


View source: Meeting Magazine, Instore & Livecomm