A chat with Daan Denissen at ‘The Next Event’.

04-04-2018 | This week the Van Nelle Factory was completely dedicated to ‘The Next Event’. The ‘place to be’ when it comes to the future of event marketing and live communication. Better known as: experiential marketing. ‘On the, for the occasion, designed innovationsquare for innovative entrepeneurs I am speaking with Daan Denissen (founder and owner of wunderbar.live)’, as said by interviewer Chantal Goossens.


Tell me; What do you do and how long have you been doing this?
I started entrepreneuring at the beginning of 2016 in a barn on the farm of my father. I was looking for something besides my permanent job as a marketeer. Later on, this resulted in the founding of wunderbar.live. A brand experience studio. We make digital as well as physical experiences. 


“From a farmer’s shed to innovitapark.”


During my career I noticed that there is a lot of demand for innovative concepts that combine the physical and digital world, but there is little space for experiments and creativity within projects.


So you have created this space for yourself?
Yes, in the first year I blocked one day a week so I could work on nice assignments. Without commercial pressure and led by intrinsic motivation to make creative and innovative work.


Nice, but isn’t that too casual?
Haha not really, from day one on it was very clear that this wasn’t going to be just an expensive hobby. I had set specific goals for the company. Also on the financial level. This has led to a beautiful portfolio with some large customers and a move from the barn to an open office at the Innovitapark in Roosendaal.


Sounds like a Start-Up?
No that’s not what we are. Wunderbar
 does have almost all the symptoms of this fashionword though. Including a turf (80m2) to play soccer, he jokes. 

I think it’s fun and important to develop and market interactive products in our own management, but I don’t limit myself to one product or service. In that sense we are no different than a start-up.

The common denominator of our projects is that they always combine the physical world with the digital one. The one time we do that by means of an app and the other time with a smart exhibition stand, or a combination of both.


“Wunderbar does have almost all symptoms of a Start-Up.”


How can I picture that in specific terms?
For one of our customers we developed the concept ‘Let your hair dance at Concert at Sea’. Through an interactive installation visitors were able to get a breath of fresh air during the festival, in front of our ‘Animated GIF Photo Booth’ that we connected to two large industrial fans. This created hilarious images which were visible in the app of CAS and could be shared live on social media.


Festivals, is that the market you mainly focus on?
The atmosphere at festivals is, logically, more free than at most trade fairs. This positive vibe fits well with our style. However, this is not the starting point.

Every project provides a different context. Sometimes it’s a festival, at other times it’s during a major sport event, a fair or within a shopping environment. The context is crucial, if you want to be relevant to the target group and to your customer. The concept for CAS is specifically for that customer, at that festival, with that message and objective.


“The digital touchpoint are woven into real-life and an extra dimension is created for the visitor.”


What are you showing at ‘The Next Event’?
In response to one of our projects, we were invited by Eventbranche.nl to introduce clients and event organizers to the latest techniques and show them how to use those during live experiences.

For example, the recognition technology we show here today has been applied in an interactive exhibition stand design. In this stand designer furniture was presented. Visitors were given a tablet and headphones and were able to crisscross through the stand.

Based on their location they received audiovisual content. If you stood at a dot in front of the presented furniture, a voice-over told who it was designed by and how you can use and combine it. You could see this on your screen and eventually you could leave your email address, if you were interested.

As a result, the digital touchpoints of the customer journey are woven into the physical world and an extra dimension is created for the visitor.


I also spotted VR glasses. What do you do with them?
That’s correct. Last month the largest Pumptrack in the world was opened in the Netherlands. Visitors who did not have their bikes with them could take a virtual tour of the track and experience this as an extreme sports pro. Without the danger of falling over. Although … you can get a bit out of balance wearing such a thing. Even on a stationary bicycle. Do you want to give it a try?


View source: eventbranche.nl