Hack the Media at A-Lab Amsterdam.

In the digital era we are living in, we are often faced with challenges in the media. In October, a number of journalists, students, technical and non-technical creatives were invited by Free Press Unlimited to come to A-Lab Amsterdam and reflect their ideas on these kind of challenges.

During the two-day hackathon named ‘Hack the Media’ organized by Studio WHY, the participants tried to tackle worldwide problems experienced in the media by means of Design Thinking. Divided into multidisciplinary teams, professionals from various backgrounds, combined their ideas in order to gain new perspectives on humanitarian driven media cases and to co-create new solutions for the media sector.

Wunderbar.live delivered video footages of the two-day pressure cooker and made a flashy motion design of the Studio WHY logo. Check out the end result of the video above. 


Client Studio WHY
Event Hackathon ‘Hack the Media’
Location A-Lab, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Project type Audiovisual production
Deliverables Interviews | Motion Design | Aftermovie

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