Take a virtual dive into the deep!

Throughout the centuries, the Dutch have fought a battle against the water. Mills were used to control the water level and dykes were built to keep the Dutch feet dry. From a sense of safety that has been passed on for many generations, most parents send their offspring to swimming lessons at an early age. Therefore learning how to swim is a typically Dutch tradition.

Yet, this tradition is not as obvious as it may seem. People from another background than the Dutch, may not be familiar with this swimming tradition. As a result children of parents with a migration background run a higher risk of drowning.

To make children and their parents more aware of the importance of swimming lessons and to show how fun they are, the National Swimming Safety Board commissioned wunderbar.live to develop a VR swimming experience. By means of a digital diving mask and external tracking sensors, children could enjoy the wonders of swimming in water without getting wet. With the goal to gather more applications for swimming lessons at the local pool.

This virtual world contains interactive game elements which are also reflected in the real life swimming lessons.


Client National Swimming Safety Board
Event Congress for swim education
Location Sports- and Events complex Merwestein, Utrecht, the Netherlands
Project type Virtual Reality Experience
Deliverables Development VR 3D game, experience box and case movie.

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