Surfing with DELTA on the WEB and at Concert at SEA.

At the end of June 100,000 visitors entered ‘Concert at SEA’ at the Dutch coast for the sunniest edition in the history of the three-day music festival. Commissioned by DELTA – a Dutch supplier of energy and multimedia – we created an immersive and tropical 360º VR Surf Experience. 

Visitors of the DELTA Lounge were able to catch a virtual wave, without getting wet, at our Surf Installation. Using a Virtual Reality headset everybody could experience the wonderful feeling of riding a big wave on a tow surfboard during golden hour. Too easy!

Furthermore, GIF images were made during that amazing experience with a specially designed animated photo booth app. The festival visitors could share these GIFs very easily on social media through their phones, after they entered their email-address.

Watch the video of the 360º VR Surf Experience at Concert at SEA above.


Client DELTA
Event Concert at SEA
Location Zeeland, the Netherlands
Project type Live Brand Experience
Deliverables Spatial design (concept and execution) | Custom VR 360º surf content and aftermovie

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